Breaking the chain

Number one, you can take a horse to the river, you cannot force it to drink. Two, you can put a stone right inside the river, after 10 years if you bring that stone out and break it into two, the inside will be dry. Thirdly, What the Lord asked us to do, is to go and preach to all the nations. He didn’t say, we will save them. We are not the saviour. Our duty, is to tell the people the good news. After we have done the preaching, the rest is up to the people, whether they accept what we have preached or they reject it. When we talk about proliferation of churches, admittedly not all churches belong to Christ. There are churches of Rev. King, there are churches of Satan, there are all kinds of churches that are established so that the establisher will have food to eat. That does not stop us from spreading the gospel by establishing churches; by giving people no excuse for saying: ‘I remain what I am because nobody told me’. We are also saying; the churches are multiplying but we are seeing the effect; you must also look at the other side. Suppose there are not as many people today, telling others about Christ, the problem we are witnessing would have been a child’s play. In the past, things were wonderful, glorious; that’s what people have been saying. What they don’t know, is that, as the generation multiplies and the number of people on earth increase, as the exposure to internet and other technological breakthrough increase, deterioration also will begin to come in. Anything you leave on its own, will deteriorate. Anything, you don’t touch at all … you say let us stop all these proliferation of churches, let’s just leave everybody and hope that all will be well, hm!

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